How to treat gynecomastia; the options

flat chest male

As the saying goes, there are so many ways of killing the rat. For some people, they really have to suffer before they get the rat killed. That depends with their approach and the method selected. Gynecomastia ca be a menace. Only the men suffering from it will understand that. If you are one of them, gynecomastia is treatable. You have so many options that have been proven to work. All you need to do is go for the most appropriate treatment with regard to personality and preference. We don’t like every kind of treatment. Some are okay but others are completely unacceptable. But that’s to you. For others, what you find worst is their best. That’s how humanity are able to thrive through earth.

  • Treatment of underlying conditions

Gynecomastia must not necessarily show up as an independent condition. Other body conditions can as well contribute to bringing in the big boobs. Some conditions are known for bringing with them the enlarged breasts. Obesity for example will definitely lead to bigger breasts. Some medications might as well be causatives of the enlarged breasts in men. Some of these include some steroid brands. If you happen to change by for example changing the medication, you will realize that gynecomastia disappears. It appears that treating some underlying conditions first might be the solution for keeping off gynecomastia. However, be certain before you apply this technique.

  • Use of medication

Doctors do have a point every time they recommend some drugs. That’s what drugs are made for. The drug manufacturers assess different body conditions, look for curative substances and place them in the form of a drug. Just like in other body conditions, gynecomastia also has drugs made to counter its effects. We all know that big boobs in men comes from oestrogen. What if the oestrogen is never there in the first place? Some drugs like tamoxifen are known to inhibit oestrogen completely. Any effects that might come along with this hormone are hence prevented. These drugs are available and affordable, hence an option.

  • Liposuction

Too much fat on the breast tissue will definitely lead to an enlarged breast. If tests are done and fat is found to be the main occupant of the breast tissue, liposuction will be most appropriate. The fat will be sucked out leaving a flat chest which is ideal for men.

  • Surgery

You notice that I treat this as the last option. That is perhaps what you should do as well. A surgery will involve a greater risk than all the other options. The breast tissue is reduced through surgical methods. Results are 100% guaranteed. If none of the above seems to work, then you are good to go for a surgery. Otherwise, try one of them. Things might just work and that will cost you less.