How to Get Rid of Gynecomastia without Surgery

How to ged rid of gynecomastia without surgeryGynecomastia or men boobs are the biggest problems for men and it is getting worse each passing day because nowadays people are surrounded by estrogen increasing and testosterone lowering foods as well as chemicals on the constant basis. There are many men who are suffering from this problem. They just do not like socializing with people because they always have low self confidence. However, this problem can be treated either by surgery, taking pills or naturally. Surgery is the not the best option to treat gynecomastia and it is costly too so there are many people who cannot afford it. Here are some ways to treat gynecomastia without surgery.

How to Get Rid of Gynecomastia without Surgery

  1. Correcting Testosterone and Estrogen: 99% of men who suffer from gynecomastia have high levels of estrogen. Estrogen is the female hormone that binds the estrogen along with androgen receptors that creates effects of female all over it. When estrogen and receptors binds together, breast tissue start growing. You can treat gynecomastia by naturally boosting the testosterone levels and you should also do various things that naturally decrease the levels of estrogen.
  2. Aromatase Enzyme: Aromatase enzyme is been known as the most vicious enemies of men that converts the testosterone molecules in to estrogen (female hormone). Men who have high amounts of enzyme will also have high levels of testosterone along with high levels of estrogen that creates men boobs. One of the best ways to block aromatase hormones is by lowering the fat from your body. You can block aromatase hormones by having foods like celery stalk, olive oil, white button mushroom, oysters, crusiferous vegetables and parsley.

  1. Lower the Levels of Prolactin: Prolactin is a kind of hormone that triggers milk secretion and breast growth in women. Men also have this type of hormone in their body in small amount. You can lower the high levels of prolactin from your body in following ways:

– By getting some vitamin E

– By getting your Dopamine levels up

– By having supplement with vitamin B6

– By having supplement with Mucuna Pruriens

– By sleeping like a pro

– By getting adequate amount of zinc

  1. Exercises: There are some special types of exercises that you should perform in order to lose men boobs. It is best for you to first consult a professional trainer and then ask them for specific exercises that will be helpful for treating gynecomastia. Mild cases of gynecomastia can be treated with some gynecomastia exercises that will tighten the muscles of your chest such as push-ups, internal training, seated row, incline press with dumbbells.
  2. Dietary Plans: Breasts are made of lipids so you should cut back the fat consumption. If you are already very bulky then it will be very hard for you to be on a low fat diet. Still, you should try very hard to be on a low fat diet because it speeds up the process of converting the fats in to usable energy. You should also include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet in order to remain fit and healthy.