Bissell 37601 Vacuum Cleaner Review: The Lift-Off Revolution Begins

The Bissell 37601 – Ready, set, lift off! There won’t be a surface of your home untouched when you start cleaning with this powerful, upright, bagless vacuum cleaner. It is known as the Lift-Off Revolution vacuum because it features an upright vacuum frame cradling a detachable canister vacuum. When you want to take your cleaning to new heights such as up a stairway or along a high window, you simply lift off the canister vac and carry it wherever you need to go.


It must be noted that the canister vacuum does not have wheels, so it must be carried with you until returned to the upright base. It is not the lightest canister ever, so those with limited strength may find it difficult to use for long periods of time. The entire upright unit with canister attached weighs close to 30 pounds, so it is not a lightweight unit, either.

What the Bissell Lift-Off Revolution vacuum does have in its favor is amazing suction power and some very innovative on-board tools. One tool was designed specifically for sucking up pet hair and has a powerful suction force while another was designed for reaching up high into windows, corners, and other areas of the home where a vacuum typically doesn’t go.

This high reaching attachment is best used with the canister removed from the base. You can walk through the home cleaning corners, windows and all other high areas. You wouldn’t expect that from all vacuums, which makes this a unique feature of the Lift-Off vacuum. It is quite similar to the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind UH70210 bagless upright vacuum.

When the canister is in the upright base and you are vacuuming the floor in regular fashion, the 15″ cleaning path will ensure you cover more floor space with every push. This wider sweeping head cuts down the amount of time you spend vacuuming. It is also designed with a 30 foot cord, which will go further through the home than most vacuums which have shorter cords.


Another unique feature of the Bissell 37601 vacuum is the ultra low positioning of the handle. You can bring the handle all the way down to the floor without tipping the sweeping head up from the floor. This means you can go further under furniture without losing contact with the floor! Yet again, the Lift-Off Revolution goes where other vacuums simply cannot be expected to go!

Suction power on this Bissell vacuum is also impressive, with a 12 amp motor and turbo powered brush head. There are seven adjustments for height, ensuring the vacuum works on all depths of carpeting as well as on bare floors.

Since the Bissell Lift-Off Revolution is a bagless design, the only maintenance tasks required are emptying the dirt collection cup and cleaning out the filters. The HEPA filter is backed by two foam filters which do require cleaning every four weeks or so Failure to do this upkeep could affect the suction power of the vacuum.

The HEPA filtration system is sealed, so you can guarantee the dirt and debris stays inside the filter rather than escaping into your home. This is good especially if you have pets. You could keep them occupied using some cheap toys for your dog to fetch!

The biggest complaint against the Bissell 37601 vacuum is that it is quite heavy. For some this is not an issue, but for others it makes the unit difficult to use. There are also some complaints that the vacuum may only last a few years, especially if you do not keep the filters cleaned out properly.